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Marine Fender & Mooring Bollard Installation


Skempton’s Engineers offer a sound knowledge foundation to design rubber dock fenders for seaports in the Philippines. Detailed calculations in accordance with international standards can be completed along with a full set of component and layout drawings.

In partnership with a world class manufacturer, Skempton can supply a full suite of marine fenders & mooring bollards. A comprehensive QAQC programme with material traceability all the way to raw materials help Skempton ensure that the rubber dock fenders and mooring bollards supplied are of high standard. 



Skempton's construction team are adept at installation of its marine products for existing installations or new installations. Embedded components such as anchor bolts and anchor nuts can be supplied in advance such to not compromise the overall schedule of the seaport construction and casting of the reinforced concrete cappings.


Marine Fender Types

V Fender (Arch Fender)

Robust and Sturdy Fender Design with excellent shear resistance. A range of heights, lengths and rubber grades are offered.

cylindrical fender.jpg
Cylindrical Fender System

Rugged and economical rubber elements that can be manufactured in a wide range of diameters, lengths and rubber grades. Can be used with chains so the fender elevation adjusts with the tide level or as permanently mounted at a fixed elevation.

foam fender.jpg
Foam Fender System

Utilising high grade closed cell EVA foam and a protective outer layer, foam fenders are a durable fendering system that is highly resistant to various weather conditions.

cone fender system.jpg
Cone Fender System

Highly efficient cone rubber with 70% rated deflection used in conjunction with steel panels and low friction PE pads. Chain options to support the fender for tension, shear and self-weight

d fender.jpg
D Fender System

Simple and effective rubber dock fenders ideal for smaller vessels with lower energy absorption requirements. Easy to maintain and replace.

cell fender system.jpg
Cell Fender System

Cell Fender Systems ideal for berthing vessels that require a reduced hull pressure. Used in conjunction with steel panels and low friction UHMW PE Pads. Chain options are available to support the rubber element in tension, shear and self weight.

pneumatic fender.jpg
Pneumatic Fender System

Ideal for ship to ship fendering or applications and naval applications, Skempton can offer options on sizes and attachments. Safety release valves included to prevent overpressurisation of the pneumatic fender.

Mooring Bollard Types

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