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Our Products

Rockfall Netting & Barrier

Rockfall Netting & Barrier

Rockfall netting and barrier systems are crucial engineering solutions employed in mountainous and rocky terrains to mitigate the risk of rockfall hazards. These systems consist of a series of interconnected steel wire nets and high-tensile mesh panels, strategically placed to intercept and contain falling rocks. The nets are designed to absorb and distribute the impact energy, preventing large boulders and debris from reaching roadways, buildings, or vulnerable areas below. The barrier systems are carefully engineered to withstand the forces generated during a rockfall event while ensuring minimal visual impact on the natural landscape. By providing an effective safeguard against rockfalls, these netting and barrier systems play a vital role in enhancing public safety and protecting infrastructure in areas prone to geological hazards.

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Our Capabilities

Active & Passive Systems

Active Systems work by containing slope debris from detaching, whilst Passive systems are designed to interecept or contain debris that has been detached

Competitive Pricing & Payment Terms

Skempton prides itself on competitive commercial terms without compromising on quality for its customers.

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Complete Systems

Complete systems with High Tensile Steel Wire Mesh, Soil Anchor with Spike Plate, Wire Rope anchors and Erosion Control Mat.

Aftersales Service

Skempton's Engineers are ready to assist its clients on all matters from technical design, installation guidance, troubleshooting and more.

Delivery Nationwide

Our Logistics capability spans nationwide crossing both land and ocean.

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Compliance with DPWH & Others Standards

Skempton's rockfall protection systems are typically manufactured to follow DPWH specifications along with the relevant ASTM standards.

Datasheet & Downloads

Download our various technical literature here.

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