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Erosion Control Mat / Geomat

​Erosion Control Mat / Geomat

Geomats, also known as geosynthetic mats, are innovative engineering materials that play a pivotal role in various civil and environmental applications. These specialized mats are designed to provide reinforcement, erosion control, and stabilization to soil and other natural materials in diverse landscapes. Geomats are typically manufactured using high-quality synthetic fibers, carefully woven or bonded to create a durable and resilient structure. The unique composition of geomats allows them to effectively distribute loads, resist erosion, and enhance the overall stability of terrains. As a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, geomats have gained widespread recognition in projects ranging from road construction and land reclamation to riverbank protection and slope stabilization, making them an indispensable tool for modern geotechnical engineering practices.


Our Capabilities

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Various Options

Typically either green or black for an aesthetic system and with 4 strength specifications with an MD and CD tensile strength from minimum of >0.80kN/m up to >3.2kN/m

Competitive Pricing & Payment Terms

Skempton prides itself on competitive commercial terms without compromising on quality for its customers.

Inventory in Philippines

Skempton keeps an inventory of standard sizes in its warehouse for immediate delivery for clients with a tight construction schedule.

Aftersales Service

Skempton's Engineers are ready to assist its clients on all matters from technical design, installation guidance, troubleshooting and more.

Delivery Nationwide

Our Logistics capability spans nationwide crossing both land and ocean.

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Compliance with DPWH & Others Standards

Skempton's erosion control mats are typically manufactured to follow DPWH specifications along with the relevant ASTM standards.

Datasheet & Downloads

Download our various technical literature here.

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