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Gabions & Mattresses

Gabions & Mattresses Supplier Philippines

Skempton is a high-quality supplier of gabions in the Philippines. Gabions have been successfully used internationally since before 1900s as a method of stabilizing shorelines, river banks, retaining walls and other applications. It utilizes a steel cage typically filled with rocks. Skempton’s gabions are the finest in the industry with compliance to local and international standards. Standard sizes are readily available in Skempton’s warehouse for fast deliveries.

Advantages of Gabions include:

  • Permeability – since gabion walls were mostly composed of rocks (as perforated barriers), water can escape easily to the other side.

  • Flexibility – can deform with only minimal effects on its functionality.

  • Reliability – high-quality steel is proven as an effective reinforcement to structures. It provides uniformity of stone fillings and ensures it acts monolithically.

  • Economical – does not require sophisticated equipment to construct, little maintenance, reduced drainage cost, and simple construction methodology.

  • Environmentally-friendly – can be permanent and provide a natural-looking environment open for vegetation and ecology.

Standard Sizes

Dimensions, Coating & Mechanical Properties

Corrosion Protection Options





Our Capabilities

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Various Size Options

High Quality Galvanized or PVC Gabion Cages in stock in Philippines in standard sizes 

Delivery Nationwide

Our Logistics capability spans nationwide crossing both land and ocean.

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Compliance with DPWH & Others Standards

Skempton's gabion and revet mattress systems are typically manufactured to follow DPWH specifications along with the relevant ASTM standards.

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Corrosion Protetion Options

A wide range of corrosion protection options are available, with both galvanized and combined galvanized with PVC.

Competitive Pricing & Payment Terms

Skempton prides itself on competitive commercial terms without compromising on quality for its customers.

Inventory in Philippines

Skempton keeps an inventory of standard sizes in its warehouse for immediate delivery for clients with a tight construction schedule.

Aftersales Service

Skempton's Engineers are ready to assist its clients on all matters from technical design, installation guidance, troubleshooting and more.

Datasheet & Downloads

Download our various technical literature here.  (AVAILABLE SOON!)

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