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Complete Construction Solutions

Skempton Construction Corporation is a supplier and construction contractor serving various construction projects in the Philippines.


Gabions I Woven Geotextiles I Non-Woven Geotextiles I Geogrids I Geotextile Tubes I Rockfall Protection

Construction Services

Cathodic Protection Systems I Rubber Dock Fender Installation  & Rehabilitation I Mooring Bollard Installation & Rehabilitation Bridge Construction I Slope Protection I Flood Control


Skempton Construction Corporation's Geo-Products are high quality products used in infrastructure projects nationwide in the Philippines. Utilizing a combination of time-tested and innovative technologies, Skempton is poised to be a leading supplier for gabions, woven and non-woven geotextiles, rockfall netting, erosion control mats, biaxial geogrids, geotextile tubes (geotextile tube) and more.

Gabions & Mattresses

High Quality Galvanized or PVC Gabion Cages in stock in Philippines in standard sizes 


Biaxial Polypropylene Geogrids that offer a high tensile modulus for excellent shear resistance and bearing capacity to soils.

Woven Geotextiles

Superior Geosynthetics for soil reinforcement and stabilization. Separation & Reinforcing Funtions in a range of specifications

Rockfall Protection Systems

Active and Passive Rockfall Protection Systems that prevent or minimize the impact of slope failures.

non-woven geotextile.jpg
Non-Woven Geotextiles

Engineered Materials with applications in road construction, erosion control and landfills. Filtration and Separation capabilities.

Geotextile Tube (Geotube)

High Strength and Durable Geotextile Tube that provide excellent erosion control for shorelines and riverbanks.

Construction Services

Skempton Construction Corporation offers experienced and licensed engineers with complete equipment for various construction works for infrastructure projects.


Cathodic Protection System Installation

NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Professionals with an experienced installation team.

philippines bridge.jpg

Bridge Construction

Bridge Installation for New Bridges or Widening of Existing Bridges


Rubber Dock Fender Installation & Rehabilitation

Cone, Cell, V, D, Pneumatic, Cylindrical Rubber Dock Fender Installation for Ports nationwide in the Philippines

slope protection philippines.jpg

Slope Protection

Rockfall Netting, Shotcreting and other slope stabilisation methods for safer slopes, roads, residential, industrial and commercial structures.


Mooring Bollard Installation & Rehabilitation

T Head, Pillar Bollard & Mooring Cleats Installation for Ports nationwide in the Philippines

flood control.jpg

Flood Control 

Long Lasting Flood Control & Mitigation Structures constructed with Sheet Piles, Gabions and Stone Masonry.

Gabions & Mattresses IMG 9.jpg
Construction Site

Types of Projects

  • Slope Protection

  • Roads & Highways

  • Waterworks

  • Land Development & Landfills

  • Railway

  • Mining

  • Seaports

  • Airports


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